City in Shock

Honoring the Lessons and Legacy of the Hyatt Skywalk Collapse


Morgue keeps macbre vigil as tally of dead continues

Saturday, July 18, 1981 The Kansas City Star

The catastrophe would press the Jackson County Morgue in the Truman Medical Center to its limits, if not beyond. But at 10 p.m., no bodies from the Hyatt Regency hotel disaster had been delivered …

Walkway began to buckle; people just disappeared

Saturday, July 18, 1981 The Kansas City Star

“An old lady was on top of my ankle, screaming. I said to her, ‘Be calm. Breathe deep,’ but she just kept struggling. I felt her last movement. She’s dead.”

Collapse baffles building code, safety officials

Saturday, July 18, 1981 The Kansas City Star

The lobby walkway that collapsed at the Hyatt Regency hotel on Friday evening should have been capable of handling normal traffic, but might not have been strong enough to hold an unusually large crowd …

Disaster made heroes of the helpers

Saturday, July 18, 1981 The Kansas City Star

Although each decision Dr. Joseph Waeckerle made Friday night while coordinating emergency rescue attempts at the Hyatt Regency hotel was a matter of life or death, the decision to amputate a young man’s right …

The Hyatt horror: 111 dead, 188 hurt and a city in shock

Sunday, July 19, 1981 The Kansas City Star

A gray sky rained tears Saturday on a city overcome with grief. As bulldozers raked away tons of rubble that choked the once-glittering lobby of the Hyatt Regency hotel, funeral preparations began for the …

Cause of collapse awaits unfolding of investigations

Sunday, July 19, 1981 The Kansas City Star

If all the investigations that have been promised in the wake of the collapse of two skywalks in the Hyatt Regency hotel bear fruit, the tragedy could be one of the best-documented disasters in …

Engineers claim overloading caused sky walks to fall

Wednesday, July 22, 1981 The Kansas City Star

Two structural engineers asserted Tuesday that the collapse of the fourth-floor sky walk at the Hyatt Regency Hotel simply was a case of too much weight for the walkway to bear. “It’s just overstress …

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